The couple that raids together, stays together

Two days ago was the three month anniversary since Brennan and I started dating! I can’t believe its only been three months, since we are such a good team already. It sucks that most of the three months, we were 1700 miles apart.

One of the things that really kept our relationship strong was sharing our goals for the upcoming school year. Since I was a chem major/ math minor, and Brennan is a math major/comp sci minor, we are able to share some specific details of our plans. Thus, we are communicating well.

Really, these past three months flew by. Having a partner who is on a similar intelligence wavelength really helps decrease the amount of drama I’ve had to endure. This is the first relationship in which I feel like I can have a grown up conversation or discussion.

Who would’ve guessed that all i needed was to be with a nerd! For my graduation gift, Brennan bought me a fancy scientific calculator and die for DnD. This relationship has so far made all my nerdy, fan-girl dream come true and I can’t wait to see what other dreams are fulfilled.

-Chanda, xOx

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