It’s science, bitch

*insert random lab photos*

This summer was so awesome! Not only did I get a head start on my research rotations, I also made friends and got to know some of the places to go for help. I also learned how to use instruments that I have never even heard of!

I’m hoping to test out of most of the courses that I need to take, so I can take more math and comp. sci. classes. I also need to decided who to do my second rotation with. There are a few professors that I am considering, but it’s such an important decision.

One of the, hopefully, greatest pieces of advice that I have been given this summer is to choose my PI wisely. So I have been thinking really critically about whose research will teach me the most about my interests. I hope I am thinking about it in the right way now — before I thought I had to introduce my own idea for a project. Uhhhh… it’s confusing.

Anywho, I am kinda ready for the semester to start so I can start to develop a routine… It’ll be nice to have a regular schedule.

-Chanda xOx

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