Model relationship

At the beginning of the summer, Brennan and I were really worried about the long-distance thing. Our relationship was relatively new, and there was A LOT going on at the time, including my cross-country move. We promised to speak everyday and see each other whenever possible…

And so far so good! We skyped each other every night (except for three nights) and have visited each other three times so far. It helps to have a mature partner, but I think what really sealed the deal was being consistent on the communication front. About 85% of the time we spent on Skype was sleeping, but we took advantage of any pockets of time to talk to each other.

Although we have been making great progress, I feel like it’s good not to get complacent in relationships. So, being the obsessive control-freak that I am, I’ve been analyzing a bunch of different relationships and picking my friends’ brains on tips and tricks to making your relationship successful. However, I have been learning lately that if you are with the right partner, the success should happen naturally. So I am going to ease up a little…

– Chanda, xOx


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