School is f*cking hard

Since the release of DAMN., I have been thinking somewhat critically about my story… What I mean is, Kung fu Kenny used every song on the album to tell the story of a black man living in “God’s America”. You know the one in which we trust? Anywho… I’ve been thinking about how Kendrick’s life brought him to the point in which he became one of greatest rappers of all time.

Then, because I have some optimism that I could someday become a rapper, I started to think about how Kenny’s lyrics could be altered to apply to my life. What events from the past are going to ironically lead to my success? Which stories are going to inspire people to overcome some obstacle in their lives, and follow their own path?

I’m rambling a bit, but the point I’m trying to make is that Kendrick Lamar is to the rap game as I am to the scientific world.

Just a  thought…

-Chanda xOx



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