White space

So for the summer bridge program we got to stay in the dorms for free! And I am so grateful for this. That being said, I remember why I hated living in the dorms during College version 1.0. However, the thing that made it almost impossible to feel at home was how plain my room was. I thought about my apartment in Denver, and remembered that it looked like the inside of a genie lamp.

Having a lack of things that I could identify with kinda forced me to embrace my own creativity. So I watercolored, played with filters, and made my own art, so that I could feel more at home.

I find it interesting to compare these short periods of my life to the entirety of it, to see if there are any insights to my true character. Maybe, the reason why I am so resilient to change is the fact that I can Macgyver my way out of foreign situations. Just a thought…

-Chanda, xOx

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