I have a lot of different interests and life is too long not to try them all. Below is a list of my footprints throughout the world wide web.

Buzzfeed – Chanda Lowrance

These posts are directly related to my YouTube “Blerd_Weekly” posts! Stop by here for advice about academia and higher education!

The Chan Plan

I am a huge planner fanatic, so I decided to come out with my own line of products! Shop for a planner here!

Facebook – Nette Technologies

This Facebook page is for my Biotech Startup Company, Nette Technologies!

Instagram – ChandaTheLaureate

My personal Instagram feed. Come here to find many pictures of food and cats.

Instagram – Dr.Potus

My professional Instagram feed! Check out pictures from the lab, work, and academia.

Instagram – Nette Technologies

Find photos related to my BioTech startup, Nette Technologies, here!

Instagram – TheChanPlan

This is my photo gallery of all my planner products that you can purchase here!


My professional social media page. View my work experience, education, etc. on this page.

Lowrance Tutoring

Did I mention I tutor? Visit my site to make an appointment for tutoring in a variety of math and chemistry courses.

Nette Technologies

My Biotech Startup! Because obtaining my PhD is my number one priority, Nette Technologies is growing slowly. However, once fully established, Nette Technologies will offer novel and cutting edge software and instrumentation tools.

Reddit – RareMetalAlchemist

My contribution to the Reddit Community.

Tumblr – Memoirs of an Aspiring Cat Lady

Here you will find a collection of basically all the photos that I have posted/shared for the past five or so years. I’m sure that many cringey memories have been preserved here.

Twitter – Black Revolutionaries of America

If you are fed up with the racial injustice that has existed for centuries in this company, follow this Twitter account!

Twitter – ChandaLaureate

This is my personal Twitter feed. Not as interesting as the one above.

YouTube – Chanda the Laureate

I have recently been creating YouTube content about my experience in higher education. I have taken a pretty long break because of life events, but I will be posting academic advice videos once a week!