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The couple that raids together, stays together

Two days ago was the three month anniversary since Brennan and I started dating! I can’t believe its only been three months, since we are such a good team already. It sucks that most of the three months, we were 1700 miles apart. One of the things that really kept

School is f*cking hard

Since the release of DAMN., I have been thinking somewhat critically about my story… What I mean is, Kung fu Kenny used every song on the album to tell the story of a black man living in “God’s America”. You know the one in which we trust? Anywho… I’ve been

Shimmy, shimmy, afropuff

Oh my gosh… So… Growing up in Chicago, I remember that there were beauty supplies stores everywhere, to purchase black hair products. Then, living in Colorado, I was in a black hair care desert. But Baltimore has restored my faith in black hair awareness. Walmart, alone, has about 98% more

It’s science, bitch

*insert random lab photos* This summer was so awesome! Not only did I get a head start on my research rotations, I also made friends and got to know some of the places to go for help. I also learned how to use instruments that I have never even heard

// Blerd_Weekly

So it’s a go on the blerg (aka blog). I am probably going to have to film with my phone for a couple weeks, before I am able to buy a dslr. Good thing I live in 2017, when phones are everything. I am hoping people will watch, because I

School vs. house vs. rock

It’s only been about two months since I started at UMBC, but already I’m feeling the need to have a better work life balance. I’m sure a large part of why I’m finding balance difficult is the fact that everything in my life is so new right now. New apartment.

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