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Blerd_Weekly| Teaser


Blerd_Weekly | Teaser

Watch now!

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So it’s a go on the blerg (aka blog). I am probably going to have to film with my phone for a couple weeks, before I am able to buy a dslr. Good thing I live in 2017, when phones are everything. I am hoping people will watch, because I

School vs. house vs. rock

It’s only been about two months since I started at UMBC, but already I’m feeling the need to have a better work life balance. I’m sure a large part of why I’m finding balance difficult is the fact that everything in my life is so new right now. New apartment.

A site to see

  This summer has truly been an adventure. Living on the east coast offers so many opportunities to explore new places! So far I’ve been to Harper’s Ferry, DC, Baltimore (of course), and a few places in between! I’ll be going to Brooklyn in a couple weeks for AfroPunk and

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