Category: Long-Distance

The couple that raids together, stays together

Two days ago was the three month anniversary since Brennan and I started dating! I can’t believe its only been three months, since we are such a good team already. It sucks that most of the three months, we were 1700 miles apart. One of the things that really kept

Om nom nom

This summer was filled with old bay and excess calories. I kinda went hiatus when it comes to diet and exercise. But I have been feeling bloated and lethargic, so my time of food fun must come to an end. The good thing is, is that I ate a lot

Adventures of Channan

I can’t believe the summer is over!!! In just two weeks I will be back to taking classes and staying up past my curfew. Luckily, I was able to accomplish a lot (maybe too much) over the summer. It was literally on thing after another, but I feel like I

Model relationship

At the beginning of the summer, Brennan and I were really worried about the long-distance thing. Our relationship was relatively new, and there was A LOT going on at the time, including my cross-country move. We promised to speak everyday and see each other whenever possible… And so far so

Summer of Skype

I’ve had failed long-distance relationships in the past, so I have been a bit nervous about moving to Maryland while Brennan finishes his courses in Colorado. However, obtaining my PhD is not up for debate! The good thing is Brennan is amazing and has been a great partner during this

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