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The couple that raids together, stays together

Two days ago was the three month anniversary since Brennan and I started dating! I can’t believe its only been three months, since we are such a good team already. It sucks that most of the three months, we were 1700 miles apart. One of the things that really kept

School vs. house vs. rock

It’s only been about two months since I started at UMBC, but already I’m feeling the need to have a better work life balance. I’m sure a large part of why I’m finding balance difficult is the fact that everything in my life is so new right now. New apartment.

Om nom nom

This summer was filled with old bay and excess calories. I kinda went hiatus when it comes to diet and exercise. But I have been feeling bloated and lethargic, so my time of food fun must come to an end. The good thing is, is that I ate a lot

White space

So for the summer bridge program we got to stay in the dorms for free! And I am so grateful for this. That being said, I remember why I hated living in the dorms during College version 1.0. However, the thing that made it almost impossible to feel at home

Making new friends

One of the things that helped this summer go by so smoothly, was the acquisition of new friends. Obviously I miss all my old friends, but it’s nice to have people around who are going through a similar experience as you. One of the things I learned these past few

The retreat, the move, and the vacation

Ermagerd… I am loving the camera on my iPhone! I was able to capture so many awesome moments this summer! I guess most of the credit goes to all the activities I ended up doing. I moved, traveled, and explored so much this summer that I barely had time to

Summer of Skype

I’ve had failed long-distance relationships in the past, so I have been a bit nervous about moving to Maryland while Brennan finishes his courses in Colorado. However, obtaining my PhD is not up for debate! The good thing is Brennan is amazing and has been a great partner during this

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